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Warby Barker

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Warby Barker

Q: What makes a dog more miserable than chocolate, rainy days, and flea collars


Friends don’t let friends wear unattractive eyewear—
why wouldn’t you extend the same courtesy to your pet?

Here at Warby Barker, there's nothing we loathe more than seeing a cute dog in heinous glasses. That's why we're pleased to offer a limited-edition Canine Collection featuring five of our classic vintage-inspired frames— each crafted from chew-resistant acetate in dashing hues.

The dogwear landscape is cluttered with overpriced, underperforming options, making it difficult for dog owners to outfit their pups in good conscience. Customers emailed and called, wondering where they could find great-looking, environmentally-friendly frames at a fair price. We’re proud to bring canine optical care to the fore with our newest collection—a line truly worthy of man’s best friend.

Whether burying bones, sniffing butts, or just gnawing on slippers, we believe that all dogs deserve the gift of sight.